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..:: 大億交通工業製造股份有限公司 ::..

大億交通自西元1964年創業以來,即稟持著〝忠實、勤儉、負責〞的創業精神,三十多年來穩定成長,由自行車、機車等零件的製造販賣、車燈外銷,到配合國內汽車工業發展而引進外國先進技術研究發展,今天已成為國內市場佔有率85%的OEM車燈專業廠。 踏入二十一世紀,我們更將跨入航太、軌道及光電產業的領域,展開多角化的經營,為持續的永續經營而共同努力。 Since 1964,the Ta Yin industrial company has followed the corporation belief: Honesty, Industry, and Responsibility. We started from manufacturing bicycle and motorcycle spare parts, exported of headlamps, and gradually became a part of the national automobile industry, By adapting foreign advanced technologies, we enhanced ourselves into a professional cars lamp O.E.M. manufacturer and enjoyed a 85% market share in this area. To step into the 21st century, we will get involved in the fields of aerospace, railroad and electroptic industries, expand our business activities, and strive for running business continuously.

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